Hailing from Alabama, Daniel Emery Taylor started his career early as the aspiring shutter-bug and adorable redheaded child sidekick of Swamp Thing, “Darryl,” in 1989’s THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING. 

Following that with a few minor roles in Film & TV [ie. Road Trip, In the Heat of the Night, I’ll Fly Away], it was really the creative process that gripped Daniel, and thus began his career writing and directing. 

2013 saw his writing debut with the award winning indie horror film, The Hospital. Adding directorial and producer duties on top of staying in front of the camera, Daniel has continued to be a strong force of Independent Filmmaking. 

His current project, IT’S JUST A GAME, is his first using his own production company, Debtor Entertainment, and see’s him fully in the driver seat. IJAG is a psychological horror-thriller that embues the ideas of “Creepypasta” tales that involves teens, a sociopathic and very theatrical Cult, a paranormal assassin (known as Skullgirl), and more. Estimated release, early 2018.

Other works include….Camp Massacre (2014), The Hospital 2 (2015), Paranormalice (2016), and upcoming projects It’s Just A Game and Repulse.

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