Master Daniel Pesina, a gold medal winner in international as well as USA sanctioned martial arts tournaments, gained his notoriety for his contribution to the Mortal Kombat franchise.  He gave life to Chicago Pop Culture ConJohnny Cage, father of all MK characters, Scorpion, the mascot for MK, SubZero, Scorpion nemesis, Reptile, first discoverable/hidden or secret character, Smoke and Noobsaibot.  Master Pesina is also featured on the side art of the first MK arcade games.

The creator of Mortal Kombat, John Tobias, asked his friend Master Daniel Pesina to help him construct a fighting game for a video arcade game.   Master Pesina was then given the task of translating ideas into physical motion, helping to create special moves of each character and recruiting athletes for the game.  Master Pesina then guided characters in the transition to video game action or video game fighting.

Chicago Pop Culture ConDuring the early promotional development of the franchise, Master Pesina was often asked to get a group of characters together for local, national, and international tours, including choreographing fight scenes to be video taped for ideas on how to translate the franchise into movies and live tour.  Interviews and photo ops for media events were also left up to Master Pesina for organization and implication.  He feels his biggest contribution was helping develop a fight engine that could be easily applied to future projects and continues to live on in the series.

Master Pesina has done stunt work for TMNT II movie as well as work on other independent movie projects.  Was hired to star and choreograph some new console home games during the unification period of home entertainment.

He still teaches martial arts, attends Retro gaming events nationally and internationally.  Because of his vast experience in teaching and iconic characters he portrays, his seminars are popular for both martial artist, cosplayers, and casual enthusiast or fan.  Fun Fact, The Rope Dart for Scorpion’s weapon is Master Persian’s idea.

You can contact Master Pesina at , or or follow him on FB i Master Daniel Pesina, Twitter @masterpesina or Instagram @masterdpesina

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