Face Time Police


Who’s ready for Pop Culture Con?! The multi-faceted acoustic masked duo, Face Time Police, is ready to bring some masks and music to the Chicago Pop Culture Con! FTP draws inspiration from all over the pop culture spectrum: pro-wrestling, anime, comics, and video games have all played a part in shaping the band’s direction. From the frenetic “Of Man and Monster” to the jazzy hip-hop stylings of “runnersmile” to the melancholic ballad “Don’t Believe In The Moon,” Face Time Police take pride as being “the definition of deviation.” With their original songs, covers, and high-energy live performances, Face Time Police aim to leave you with a tune in your head and a smile on your face.
Notable shows/appearances: Anime Expo, Wizard World Comic Con (Chicago, Madison, Des Moines), Anime Midwest, The Chicago Music Guide’s Lollapalooza After-Party, CIMMfest/CIMMcon (The Chicago International Movies and Music Festival/Conference).
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