Deep Roy

Chicago Pop Culture Con


The November 26 & 27 Chicago Pop Culture Con welcomes special guest Deep Roy! Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Neverending Story, Doctor Who, East Bound & Down, And so much more!

Deep Roy is one of the little people who play bigger-than-life characters both on the big screen and television. He has a great deal of love in his Chicago Pop Culture Conheart. He’s often said, “The most important thing is never to forget to always have love in your heart.”

His roles as Ewok, Droppy and R2D2 in Return of the Jedi and The Empire Strikes Back have endeared him to millions of movie-goers throughout the world. And now he’s winning hearts in homes across America as Teeny Weeny in The Never Ending Story and the unforgettable elf in Benji’s Very Own Christmas Story.

When I first saw him at a Hollywood party, I chided a motion picture director “What’s a kid doing out so late?” Then he introduced us… Before I knew it, this mature little man had whisked me away to dance and entertained me all night with his princely wit and charm. No wonder, he’s a true ‘Blue Blooded’ descendant of India’s Maharajah Vinepal, 26 generations removed!

Deep Roy was born in Nairobi, Kenya, to a businessman father, now deceased, who moved the family to England. It was there he got his start in the entertainment arena as a stand-up comic in local cabaret clubs-a choice he made “ to gain recognition and visibility ” and to secure his manly dignity after his family had spent thousands of dollars to medically correct “nature’s mistake” of making him 4’4” tall. This incidentally, resulted in his growth of 3 inches.

He soon opened on the London stage in Ray Cooney’s Miracle Worker at the Palace Theatre, Westcliff-on-Sea. His first motion picture role was the villainous Italian assassin in Blake Edward’s The Pink Panther Strikes Again, starring Peter Sellers. Other film and television credits include Dragon Slayer, Flash Gordon, Aliens from L.A., Lorica And the Kid, Roots of Evil, Going Bananas, and the role of Zammis, Louis Gossett’schild entrusted to Dennis Quaid in Enemy Mine-a role given him by Academy nominee/director Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot).

Between roles, Deep Roy is an avid writer. He’s completed a music-demo of Pettycoat Lane. A musical he co-wrote for the stage and a Stephen King style sci-fi thriller he’s written entitled Requiem Of The Unborn, ready for production.

As I slip into the New Year, I ask God to enable me to look at life with the same love, humility and respect my dear little friend has for the universe. I’ll never forget my feelings of admiration and emotion when he said “I shall leave no stone unturned as I explore Hollywood – if they’ll have me”. What a giant of a man!

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