Collectible Comic Books & Vintage Toys

Artists and writers, vendors and collectors from all around will be coming to the Chicagoland area to celebrate Pop Culture Con! So come on down to the Chicago Pop Culture Con, hang out with the pros and maybe find that elusive issue you’ve been looking for.

If you like vintage toys, you’re in the right place. Many vendors will stock pile their best items to sell at this event! This event offers everyone a chance to buy and sell their favorite new or vintage collectible toys. Some examples might be pressed tin cars, Robots, Tonka trucks, Smith Miller, Hot Wheels, Japanese tin, Barbie dolls, GI Joe, Revell and Aurora plastic models, and more.

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Comic Books

Comic books are collected for several possible reasons, including appreciation, nostalgia, financial profit, and completion of the collection. The comic book came to light in the pop culture arena in the 1930s due to the popularity of superhero characters Superman, Batman, and Captain Marvel.

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Vintage Toys

Toy collectors tend to look for Japanese pressed tin litho, cast iron banks, steel pedal cars, Smith Miller & Tonka trucks, old robots and science fiction items, battery operated toys, cap guns, western toys, and more. For the younger collectors, there might be Disney, Star Trek, Star Wars, G I Joe, slot cars, movie, TV and sport memorabilia, and action figures of all kinds!

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Vintage Toys
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