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Justin Birch

Chicago Pop Culture Con

Born in the hills of West Virginia and raised on a diet of pepperoni rolls and Ecto Cooler Hi-C, Justin surprised everyone by surviving to adulthood. Now he letters comics for some pretty awesome people. Justin still lives in West Virginia, only now it’s with his loving wife and their dog. When he’s not stressing over a deadline, Justin enjoy’s burritos, minor league hockey, and beer. Justin is a mainstay as the top guy for BIC titles while working for various titles from other publishers like Action Lab, AndWorld Design, DMC Comics, IDW, Rising Sun Comics and Source Point Press.

Nicholas Wentland

Chicago Pop Culture Con

Nick Wentland is a comic book artist and writer from Des Moines, IA. He has a growing number of published credits with various independent companies, leading to his recent work on titles such as Spread (Image), Army of Darkness: Furious Road (Dynamite), and TMNT (IDW). As Broken Icon Comics’ go to colorist he has colored greats like Kim Jacinto (Venom, Thundersbolts), Darryl Banks (Green Lantern) and Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones). A multi-faceted artist, his credits cover almost the entire gamut of comic creation from lines and colors to writing, editing, and publishing. In 2017 he was part of over a dozen published releases including  the release of his first novel, Draeburn, co-written with fellow Iowan, Thomas Clough.

Eric Watkins

Chicago Pop Culture Con

Eric is one of the founders and the man that keeps Broken Icon running. Aside from day to day operations he handles talent recruitment and is a major voice in any titles that Broken Icon picks up for distribution. Aside from the business side he likes to dabble in writing with titles like The Man in the Kitty Coat, G-Raver, Pete and the Cowboy Gauntlet under his belt. Eric will be reviewing portfolios and submissions at Chicago Pop Culture Con.

Chicago Pop Culture Con

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